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"Silkysiam" is a chosen cattery name with CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) and is not affiliated with the organization other than registering individual cats and litters which requires registering a cattery name. The chosen cattery name came about by "silky" as my cats have a smooth as silk-like body coat texture and "siam" which history shows the earlier Siamese originated from Thailand, formerly known as Siam.

Breeding Philosophy

I have been breeding and showing Siamese since 2007. I do not accept outside stud service in order to maintain a healthy cattery. I stay small by having no more than a couple litters a year and so I can give individualized attention to each cat. My primary goal is to focus on health and temperament. My cats are bred to come close to the show standard and are placed in select pet homes when the precise show standards are not met. Kittens with potential show quality are usually kept for my program. All kittens are neutered or spayed prior to being placed. Due to the demand of pet inquiries, I maintain a waiting list and work off this list as kittens become available. Kittens are usually placed in the Spring and Fall to approved homes only but is not a guarantee as they are sometimes available during the Summer months. I specialize in chocolate points wedge but seals, lilacs and blues are available on occasion. Please do not send inquiries asking for apple heads or traditional as we do not have that type.

The placement of kittens are offered to pre-selected individuals who can provide a forever loving home and a safe environment. I will contact those on my *waiting list by email when kittens become available to see if they are still interested and if so, arrange for a follow-up phone interview to get more info. to determine if a suitable match exists. If I receive no responses from waiting list requests, I will update their availability on the kittens page. A written pet contract is required for all placements.

Retired Adult Cats

Adult cats are available. Please inquire if interested by sending a message under "contact us" or refer to the kittens page for updates.


I currently have kittens available. Please send us a message via the "contact us" link if interested. Please refer to our kittens page for kitten availability, pictures, adoption/deposit requirements and information on current and future litters.

* Add your name to my waiting list (consideration is given in the order received) if you would like to be considered for any current or future litters. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me feedback using the Contact Us form. I will return all feedback inquires within 72 hours of receipt. Do send kitten requests thru feedback. I work off of waiting lists in date order. Lists are purged every 6 months. This is to maintain a current list of interested individuals as most are no longer interested after a couple weeks/months.

Thank you for visiting Silkysiam Siamese Cattery.

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Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse the sale of any kitten or cat without notice.

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